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Diversity Capital comes from out of the box thinking for an industry that is continuously innovating & evolving! Keep your cash and grow your business with a new way of funding. More than just a finance company!


Funding Solutions

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Food Service Finance

Diversity Capital is designed to
be your tailored holistic funding
solution for your business.
Utilizing a combination of
products that are best designed
for YOU.

Food Market

Franchise Funding

As a franchisee you have
specific needs when operating
your business. The best way
to stay agile in hospitality is to
DIVERSIFY your funding.


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Our team has over 20 years experience being a franchisee, franchisor, independent restaurant owner and Food and Beverage distributors.This experience provides us a unique value to offer and support the hospitality industry with a deep understanding of not just the industry but hospitality operations and the recipe for success.

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